Acupuncture uses a variety of tools to balance the body, mind and spirit. Using your body's own resources and innate ability to heal, acupuncture can provide relief for a variety of conditions. Most treatments involve the insertion of very fine needles into particular points on the body. (Patients afraid of needles should know that treatments can be provided without inserting needles into the skin!)

Primary modalities: 

5 Element Acupuncture  - treatment that is heavily based on an understanding of the natural world. These treatments can be particularly effective for helping patients find ease in life. 

Japanese Meridian Therapy - gentle, balanced treatments that work to support your general constitution and provide targeted relief. 

Shonishin - very gentle, short treatments with no-needle insertion. This system is based on Japanese Meridian Therapy for treating children. 

Other treatments include: Cupping, gua sha (or scrapping), sotai (gentle muscle movements that can increase flexibility and range of motion), essential oils, and herbal support. 

Common shonishin tools. (Tools are lightly tapped or brushed against the skin and not inserted)

Below are images evoking the five elements used in all of Chinese medicine, but particularly relied upon in 5 Element style acupuncture. Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are all around us and within us. Being in nature allows us to remember these fundamental aspects of our being and, in turn, assists the body to heal.