Just in time for the holidays!

I finally have some prints (and iPhone cases for fun) available of both the Peony and the Cinnamon Twig block prints. People have asked me for a more affordable way to obtain my artwork so I'm experimenting with prints from Society6. Please note that these are not originals (which is why they are cheaper). I'm excited that you can get framed copies through Society6 too! You can still obtain original artwork by contacting me directly or through my shop here on the website. I have not purchased anything through Society6 myself yet so please let me know about the quality and such. Click here to go to my store on Society 6. OR, click here to go directly to my personal shop to order the original artwork. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 3.01.23 PM.png

I've been struggling with inspiration and motivation this past year with the unexpected death of my father, graduation and taking board exams. I apologize for not having any new herbs printed yet. I still plan to create ginger and da zao next so that you can have the complete gui zhi tang for your office or home.

Also, I'm especially honored to hear about my artwork making its way into treatment rooms or office spaces. If you happen to have my work hanging in your space, please do share a photo with me as this is super motivating for me! Below is a picture of my artwork in Ancient Fern Medicine's treatment room here in Portland, OR.