Kids and Acupuncture

Gentle Needle-Free Treatments

Did you know that needle-free acupuncture treatments geared specifically to kids exist? I just spent the last weekend studying a kind of Japanese-style treatments (Daishi shoni hara) that are specifically intended for children. The teacher, Sensei Kuwahara, has a long history of treating ADHD in particular. 

Treatments are very short (children respond quickly) and pain-free. In fact, the kids can actually have fun during treatments. A variety of conditions can respond quite well. 

Over the last two years I've had the good fortune to also be a part of the Shonishin (a Japanese style of pediatric treatment) Club at NCNM. We have hosted guest children and observed their treatments.

I am excited to help either by directly treating kiddos in the future or referring them to the excellent array of providers in our city!

For more information about Sensei Kuwahara's daishi shoni hara treatment:

Shengma - Black cohosh. (Original artwork - All rights reserved)

Shengma - Black cohosh. (Original artwork - All rights reserved)